Laboratory for new working models in art and exhibition practice

To this day, the separation of theory and practice still afflicts how we learn about art in Germany. This pattern continues to prevail in art institutions and their organization of work processes. The INTER– initiative aims to fuse theoretical and transmedial positions in an ensemble-like, collective practice. Interdisciplinary exchange and the exploration of new, non-hierarchical modes of working in the art world are the main aims of the initiative. The title INTER– denotes the conceptual orientation of the project, situated between artistic disciplines, between theory and practice, between different locations.

Collaborative working in the arts – promises of solidarity or frivolous branding? 

More and more artists, curators and cultural theorists are forming collectives or collaborating in order to claim a non-hierarchical, democratic practice. On the institutional side, too, a trend towards collaborative work can be observed. But can those collectives live up to their promise of solidarity and develop new work approaches? Or do such terms now serve as frivolous branding? What does the increase in collective practice in the arts mean in a time of isolation? What are symptoms of precarious conditions and how can they be stabilised? Based on the experiences of the past months of working together, INTER– seeks to take a critical look at its own practice and thus invites other artists and writers to comment on the current precarious situation in the cultural sector. Our blog offers a platform to exchange views, share thoughts and develop approaches and ideas for new working models.

The idea of the rhizome as a starting point for working

The INTER- initiative, founded in 2019, explores new working models in the exhibition practice and always operates under the specific concept of collaboration as a form of collaborative work. INTER- describes the conceptual orientation of the initiative, which operates between artistic disciplines, between theory and practice, between different locations. Thus, contrary to the definition of collectivity or cooperation, the initiative acts neither as a self-contained unit nor as a profit-oriented association; rather, the exchange of all participants is the main focus. In favor of a multiplicity of contributions and perspectives, this blog aims at overcoming chronological principles of order and fast-moving consumption.

As a fluid network initiative, INTER- aims to collaborate with actors from a wide range of disciplines to create a laboratory for new forms of collaboration. For this purpose, INTER is guided by a structural orientation towards the epistemological category of the rhizome developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. While the root always leads to the tree and thus to unity, the system of the rhizome is based on multiplicity and is directed against unification. Hierarchies and endpoints become obsolete, endless lines and strands remain.

No matter whether artistic, theoretical, prosaic, journalistic, lyrical, associative, academic: a post on our blog can take on any form. We hope for a variety of voices and opinions and are looking forward to your contribution: mail@inter.exposed